A Workout plan to tone glutes at home for women


Glutes are your body’s largest and most powerful muscle group. These three muscles are critical to a woman’s strength, posture, confidence and movement.

Below are the best exercise for girls to shape their bum. You can perform these exercises at home or in the gym. The exercises are:

  • Lunge
  • Squat
  • Drop Sumo Squat
  • Squat Lunge
  • Side-To-Side Squat Jumps
  • Lunge Jump (Advanced)
  • Step-ups
  • Hip Bridge
  • Fire Hydrant Heel-up
  • Long Leg Lifts

Read the how to perform these exercises section for more details on each movement.

Will these exercises help me if I’m out of good shape?

Yes, these five butt exercises will help strengthen your body. However, if you haven’t exercises in a while or if you are a beginner I recommend the following the beginners routine described later in this post.

Please consult a physician if you have an existing medical condition before starting. If you begin to feel uncomfortable, stop. If you’re too sore for your next workout then you’ve done too much.

What equipment do I need for these exercises?

No exercise or weightlifting equipment is required. However, I do recommend having a good thick training mat for added comfort and to reduce slipping.

premium training mat

Dumbbells are optional as you advance to increase your workout load. But you may want to consider using resistance band or ankle weights as well.

What should I wear during my workouts?

Wear light, flexible workout clothing such as leggings that don’t restrict your movements or interfere with blood circulation. Your clothes should help you feel comfortable instead of focusing on a certain look or style.

If you are expecting, consider purchasing maternity leggings with belly support from companies such as mumberry or another comparable company.

What’s the best bum workout plan for me?

If you are a beginner I recommend the following this routine for first 4 weeks.

  • 3 Workouts per week with a day of rest between
  • 2-3 Exercises per Workout from the list above
  • 2 Sets per Exercise
  • 6-8 Repetitions per Set.

After a month, consider adding an additional exercise per workout and increasing the number of repetitions per set to 12. Be sure to vary the exercises after a month.

For intermediate fitness levels, I recommend following the routine below for one month:

  • 3 Workouts per week with a day of rest between
  • 4-5 Exercises per Workout.
  • 4 Sets per Exercise
  • 10-12 Repetitions per Set.

How to perform each bum exercise

The next several paragraphs will teach you how to perform each of the exercises listed above. First up, the Lunge.

How to do a Lunge

Lunges are the basis of many legs exercises and are great for toning, stretching, and strengthening. There are tons of variations such as the curtsy lung but we’ll stick to the core lunge movement here.

  • Begin in a standing position with legs shoulder distance apart, placing your hands on your hips.
  • Take a large step forward with your left foot, landing on your left heel, and lower down toward the ground. Allow both legs to bend to approximately 90 degrees.
  • Return to your starting position.
  • Repeat with Right leg
  • All of this counts as a single rep. Do this rep 15 times.

How to do a Squat

  • For this exercise, begin in a standing position, with knees slightly bent
  • Lower down into a squat, making sure to keep your knees from passing on your toes.
  • Keep your back,core and abs tight throughout the movement
  • Return to starting position, exhale during this part

How to do a Drop Sumo Squat

Drop Sumo Squat is a slightly modified Squat. You just add a slight jump and have legs a bit farther apart.

How to do a Squat Lunge

A Squat Lunge combines a Throwing Lunge and a Squat.

  • For this exercise, begin in a standing position, placing your hands on your hips.
  • Lower down into a squat, making sure to keep your knees from passing on your toes.
  • Return to starting position.
  • Perform a Lunge with Left Leg
  • Perform a Lunge with Right Leg
  • All of this counts as a single rep. Do this rep 15 times.

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How to do Side-To-Side Squat Jumps

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms by your sides. Push your hips back, bend your knees, and lower until your upper thighs are parallel to the floor. Raise your arms until they are parallel to the floor. Pause, then jump as high as you can toward the right. Land, then jump back to start. This is a single rep; you have to do 15 of these.

How to do a Hip Bridge

Hip Bridge helps you your core, arms, and legs. If you haven’t done it before, go slow.

Hip Bridge

Fire Hydrant with Heel-up

How to do a Lunge Jump

This exercise is popular with sprinters, and it also helps you work on your butt. Note that this is high impact and not recommended for beginners

To perform this exercise, you stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart. Step your right leg back into a reverse lunge, going as low as you can while keeping your back straight and making sure your left knee doesn’t go too far past the toe. Hold this lunge position for a three count then drive your right knee forward and upward. Again, this is one rep.

Bonus: For an extra challenge, you may also lunge by stepping down from an elevated platform. This increases your range of motion, which will result in greater glute muscle fiber activation and growth.

How to do a Step-ups

The step-up is one of the best butt exercises you can do to for additional strength, power, and balance in a unilateral fashion.

To do a rep, stand upright with one foot on a bench or stool, with your arms straight . Push off your top foot and step up onto the bench (or step) with both feet. Step down onto one foot, keeping the other foot on the bench and repeat.

How to do a Long Leg Lift

Long Leg Lifts tighten abs and legs in a simple motion.

To perform, kneel with your left hand below your shoulder and left knee below your hip. Extend your top leg out on the mat and reach your top arm up. Lift your top leg as high as possible, then lower to ground.

Repeat for 1 minute, then switch sides and repeat on the other leg. This is a single rep from start to finish.


Yes, it is possible for girls to shape their bum with these great exercises at home and without having to buy any equipment.

Remember: Be consistent and start slow — over training can make you overly sore and slow your results. If you haven’t exercised lately, start with the beginner’s routine.

Frequently asked questions about these glute shaping exercises for women

What part of the body does this workout?


Will this exercise get my bum bulky?

No, these exercises will not make your butt muscles large because you’re lifting only your body weight and performing several repetitions per set.

Do I need any exercise equipment for this workout

Nope. Weights are not needed for this exercise, but I recommend using a quality yoga mat for comfort.

How many repetitions should I do for the best results?

Target 10-12 repetitions per set. Don’t worry if you cannot perform this at first. Do what you can but do the exercises using correct form. Its much better to perform 5 good repetitions correctly than 50 incorrectly.

How many sets should I do?

4-5 sets

How much rest between sets?

30-60 seconds per set

How many times per week should I do this exercise?

2-3 times per week. You should avoid exercising the same body part on consecutive days

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. It is not medical advice and should not be used or interpreted as such. You should always consult a medical professional before making drastic changes to your diet and physical exercise

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