20 Inspirational Quotes for May, 2021

Quote # 1

It often requires more courage to dare to do right than to fear to do wrong. -Abraham Lincoln

Quote # 2

If you can not find the truth right where you are, where else do you expect to find it? -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Quote # 3

It is change continuing change, inevitable change that is the dominant factor in society today. -Isaac Asimov

Quote # 4

Putting off an easy thing makes it hard. Putting off a hard thing makes it impossible. -Charles E. Wilson

Quote # 5

It’s not easy being green. -Kermit The Frog

Quote # 6

Making a success of the job at hand is the best step toward the kind you want. -Bernard M. Baruch

Quote # 7

It’s not the having, it’s the getting. -Elizabeth Taylor

Quote # 8

On the way to what you planned to happen, something even better comes along. -Janice Endique

We all need some help staying motivated sometimes. Our goal is to inspire women and girls to achieve their goals. Never give up because starting over is twice a hard. #quote #fitness #motivation

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