6 Healthy Weight Gain Tips for Women

Many people are getting into weight gain because they believe that this is one of the fastest ways to have a fit and sexy body once they exercise regularly. However, there are instances where people cannot wait so they resort to various means of gaining weight without realizing that it can be unhealthy for them.

Six Healthy Weight Gain Tips for women

If you are one of those who can’t wait to gain weight, here are some healthy weight tips:

1. Add (Smart) calories. Since calories are the building blocks of muscles and the primary course of a person’s energy, people who are looking forward to gaining weight should increase their calorie intake. Studies show that people who want fast weight gain should add up 1,000 or more extra calories but this cannot be healthy for everyone especially to those who are used to eating a little or to those who have been dieting.  Take it slow when adding calories.  The goal is not to add fat but safely lean muscle.  You body will need time to adjust.

For starters, adding up 500 extra calories would do you good and it can be increased when proper adjustments have already been done.

(REMINDER: Always read the nutrition facts label of food to see its calorie content per serving. This information guide can be seen at the top section of the packaged food. You can also consider taking a suppliemnt such as Creatine in a pill or powder form.

2. Load up on healthy snacks all throughout the day. Eating snacks—especially those that are high in calories, carbohydrates, and protein—often during the day can help you gain weight the healthy way because this prepares your body for a larger amount of food during full course meals.  Low fat cheese and almonds are good choices.

3. Keep a detailed diary.  Yes, it is more work but you need to record what and when you eat.  There are several iphone/android apps that can help you.  Also you must track your weight and (optionally) BMI.   I know it sucks getting on the scale but judging your weight soley based on your clothes isn’t accurate.You can monitor your BMI and muscle mass at your gym or using a high tech bathroom scale.  The bathroom scale will not be as accurate but it will help.

4. Increase frequency of your food intake. Experts say that people who are looking forward to gain weight the safe and healthy way should try eating larger portions of foods during meal time. For those who are “little eaters,” it is best not to force yourself to eat large portions because you might vomit or be full in an instant. What you can do is to eat smaller meals but double up your eating schedule and eat foods that have the highest content of calories.  Set a timer on your phone to remind you to eat every two hours.   Also, be sure to find good that you enjoy eating.

5. Don’t eat foods with saturated fats. Calories contain fats but it doesn’t mean that you should consume all the foods that have calorie content even if they have saturated fats. Studies show that saturated fats can make a person more prone to increased cholesterol condition and other illnesses and conditions relate to saturated fats.

6. Strength Training.  Muscle weights more than fat so gaining muscle will help you weight more, look and feel stronger.  Remember that you will want focus on safely lifting more weight at fewer reptitions.

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Choose foods that don’t only have high calorie content but nutritious and healthy as well. Always opt for fruits, vegetables, meats, and other poultry products. Avoid consuming dairy and other whole-milk products, skin or chicken, sausage and bacon, butter, sour cream, and meats with high-fat as well as majority of the snack foods available in major supermarkets and groceries nationwide.

Always stay healthy

These healthy weight gain tips do not promise the same result to everyone since people have their innate genetic build up. What they should do is to visit their physicians first and ask for a thorough examination to ensure that they are fit enough to gain some weight.

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