Medicine Ball Abs Workout

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A medicine ball is a great workout tool. It looks simple but its versatility is incredible. in conjunction with a program of weight training and circuit training, can be used to develop amazing strength and power.

The ability to generate strength and power is a very important component for success in many sports, particularly in those involving explosive movements.

Certain medicine ball exercises can also be used as part of a plyometric training program to develop explosive movements. Medicine ball training is appropriate to all levels of ability, age, development and sport. To be most effective the program should contain exercises that match the pattern of movements of the sport.

The body is allowed to move in several different planes of movement with a medicine ball. What you may not know is that combining a medicine ball with your stability ball is another way to challenge your body. Slowly twist your upper body off the stability ball and move the medicine ball fully to one side. The participant then extends with their entire body to bring the medicine ball up and throw it at the wall.

What’s the best way to structure my medicine ball workout?

  • Increase intensity over time – Start sessions with lighter less dynamic exercises, then progress to heavier exercises.
  • Medicine ball exercises must precede high intensity work program should have exercises that match the pattern of movements of the sport.
  • Don’t exercise same muscle group on the same day – Plan the program to exercise alternate body parts (legs, upper body, torso).
  • Vary medicine ball weight – You will need to have a number of different weights of ball available – heavy, medium and light. Initially, athletes should use a light weight ball and gradually progress to heavier ones

How to Exercise Safely Using a Medicine Ball

To ensure personal safety and good technique while doing medicine ball exercises the following points should be remembered:

  • Check there is sufficient space (including ceiling height) and that the structure of the walls is safe if any rebounding exercises are used. Maintain good discipline as medicine balls can be dangerous if used incorrectly.
  • Complete throws with full extension of the arms. On standing exercises plant feet before beginning to throw the ball.
  • Always use the full joint range in the correct sequence in carrying out each exercise.
  • Maintain technique – do not sacrifice control for reps. Inexperienced athletes should not take the ball too far back behind the head when carrying out overhead throws.
  • When picking a ball, ensure the knees are bent and the back is kept straight.
  • When carrying out exercises lying on your back, ensure the lower back always remains in contact with the surface.

How much time does it take to do the exercises?

An effective work-out with medicine balls can be achieved in about 30 to 40 minutes, if the athlete works efficiently. Quality of movement is more beneficial than quantity of exercise repetitions or sets.

What size or weight medicine ball should I use

If you haven’t used a medicine ball before, start with a light weight, no more than 10 pounds. If you have a history of back issues, please consult your physician

What are the best Abs Exercising using a Medicine Ball

Medicine Ball Plank

This ab exercise resembles a “push-up” except that you are putting your hands on a medicine ball. You are also not lowering and raising yourself but holding one position for 15 counts. After you begin to feel stronger performing this exercise, work toward a 30 count for one set. Do three sets to start and make sure that your knees are slightly bent and not locked.

Seated twists

This ab exercise is fairly straightforward. Stand with feet at shoulder width apart. Place your hands on your hips and twist smoothly from side to side.

As you become more stretched and comfortable with the movement begin holding a weighted object like a medicine ball or water filled jugs with two hands at your center.

Once you feel comfortable with this movement try the same movement while sitting on the floor with your feet off the ground and knees slightly bent. When this feels easier try bouncing the ball on each side while your feet remain off the ground.

In conclusion, it is possible to get your abs in great shape in only 20-30 minutes per day. However, it will take consistency. In other words, you’ll need to exercise 4-5 times per week to get the best results.

What part of the body does this workout?

Abs, Stomach

Do I need any exercise equipment for this workout

Medicine ball

How many repetitions should I do for the best results?

8-14 repetitions per set. If the weight is too heavy for you to make it through 8 repetitions then lower the weight.

Remember that proper form is the most important aspect to concentrate on as you gain strength. Make sure to move your body smoothly through all of the movements described above.

Its important to maintain a healthy diet in order to see the good results. Read more in our article, 5 Myths About Getting Toned Abs and two exercises that actually do work

How many sets should I do?

3-6 sets

How much rest between sets?

60-90 seconds per set

How many times per week should I do this exercise?

2-3 times per week

Why is it harder for women to get flat or six pack abs?

It isn’t necessarily harder. However, in general women tend to have higher percentage of body fat than men. The higher percentage of body weight can make it more difficult for women to see their abdominal muscles

How to get abs fast for women?

The best way to for women is to get flat abs fast is through a healthy diet, 8 or more hours of sleep, performing exercises focusing on core strength, and additional exercises targeted at losing weight

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. It is not medical advice and should not be used or interpreted as such. You should always consult a medical professional before making drastic changes to your diet and physical exercise