Get Rid of Belly Fat in only 15 Minutes a Day Without Going To Gym

Will these exercises help me if I’m out of good shape?

Yes, exercise routine will help you lose belly fat. But if you haven’t exercised in a while or if you are a beginner go slow

Please consult a physician if you have an existing medical condition before starting. If you begin to feel uncomfortable, stop. If you’re too sore for your next workout then you’ve done too much.

What equipment do I need for these exercises?

No exercise or weightlifting equipment is required. However, I do recommend having a good mat for added comfort and to reduce slipping.

premium training mat

Time: 15 minutes
Experience level:  Beginner
Required equipment:  Yoga Mat

Note:  This 15 minute workout routine consists of 17 exercises, designed for beginners. You’ll see her do the following exercises:

  1. Standing Side Crunches
  2. Traditional Floor crunches
  3. Side Floor Crunches
  4. Ab Chompers
  5. V-Ups (Vertical Sit-Ups)
  6. Side Bridge
  7. Scissor Kicks
  8. Bicycle Crunches
  9. Hip Raises
  10. Seated Leg Circles
  11. Oblique Heel Touch
  12. Feet Ups
  13. Jack Knifes
  14. Plank
  15. Ab Stretch
  16. Glutes Stretch
  17. Back Stretch