Army Crawl Leg Extension Exercise tones your legs without getting them bulky

Army Crawl Leg Extension is a great exercise for tightening abs, lower back, arms and chests. Best of all, it tones without getting your body bulky Learn how to perform this exercise to jump start your fitness.

Steps to perform the Army Crawl Leg Extension Exercise

First Step – Just keep down your body in the sleep position and your tummy and chest touch the ground.

Second Step – You are going to pull your right knee up as high as you can towards your right shoulder.

Third Step – When you are ready you are going to push up and when you push up you are going to lift your knee off the ground and extend it up behind you as you position yourself over your left knee.

Fourth Step – Drop down your body slightly, then push up your body and lift up your right leg and notice that your hands are under your armpits as you lower yourself down.

Frequently Asked questions about this exercise

What part of the body does this workout?

Abs, Stomach

Do I need any exercise equipment for this workout

We recommend a kettleball or dumbbell for this exercise. If you do not have any weights available, you can start with no weights

How many repetitions should I do for the best results?

8-14 repetitions per set. If the weight is too heavy for you to make it through 8 repetitions then lower the weight.

Remember that proper form is the most important aspect to concentrate on as you gain strength. Make sure to move your body smoothly through all of the movements described above.

Its important to maintain a healthy diet in order to see the good results. Read more in our article, 5 Myths About Getting Toned Abs and two exercises that actually do work

How many sets should I do?

3-4 sets

How much rest between sets?

60-90 seconds per set

How many times per week should I do this exercise?

2-3 times per week

Why is it harder for women to get flat or six pack abs?

It isn’t necessarily harder. However, in general women tend to have higher percentage of body fat than men. The higher percentage of body weight can make it more difficult for women to see their abdominal muscles

How to get abs fast for women?

The best way to for women is to get flat abs fast is through a healthy diet, 8 or more hours of sleep, performing exercises focusing on core strength, and additional exercises targeted at losing weight

Wrapping up this workout

In conclusion, getting your body in great shape takes only about 15-20 minutes per day. However, it takes consistency and using proper form.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. It is not medical advice and should not be used or interpreted as such. You should always consult a medical professional before making drastic changes to your diet and physical exercise

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