5 Myths About Getting Toned Abs and two exercises that actually do work

Millions of us wonder why it is harder for women to get six pack abs. It simply comes down to percent body fat, muscle mass, and where fat is stored in our bodies.

Sadly, there are many myths about getting toned abs that simply are not true In this article, I want to talk about the top 5 myths for getting toned abs and why they don’t work.

  1. The ‘Chew Then Crunch’ Myth
    Crunches are great for toning abs if performed properly and combined with a low fat diet. However most folks believe that they can continue to eat what they want and end their day with 100 crunches to “work off” all the bad stuff they put in their body throughout the day.

    If you’re not lowering your fat intake by watching what you eat, it doesn’t matter how many exercises and crunches you perform. Not only will you see zero results, but you may actually see your stomach increase in size!

    This is because you’re building muscle on top of the existing fat. We all have flat stomachs, it’s just that for some of us have layers and layers of fat on top of that muscle we must get rid of first.

    You’ve got to work off that existing fat first by training and toning your abs and stomach areas.

    I had this problem when I first started exercising. I didn’t lower my caloric or fat intake much but I started doing crunches. For three months straight I did my 8-minute ab routine like clockwork. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t seeing results. In fact, my stomach started protruding even more.

    Well after doing lots of reading I discovered that I was going to also change my diet if I was going to see the results I wanted.
  2. The Numbers Myth
    More isn’t always better. Twenty-five good, quality crunches are much better than 250 half-done crunches. Many people just want to get it over with so they lie down and do as many fast crunches as they can while lacking in quality.
    The best thing to do is perform 4 sets of 20-25 solid crunches while resting 90 seconds in between each set. This is a much more effective way of training your abs than 250 lackluster crunches in a row.
  3. The Spot Toning Myth
    This is the one that frustrates me. I have always been very thin and recently started gaining weight in my hips and thigh area. I welcomed the added pounds because it gave me a curvier figure. Unfortunately it also left us with a slightly flabby stomach.

    I wanted to keep my hips and thighs but lost my stomach so I started exercising my stomach and abs by doing Pilates and crunches.
    Well, I didn’t see any results. I discovered through reading that you can’t just spot tone because if you only focus on one area (ie. your tummy), you won’t raise your metabolism enough to burn that extra belly fat. So the key to flattening your stomach area is to increase your body’s metabolism so it can effectively get rid of those layers of excess tummy fat.

    A total body exercise is the key to slimming your waistline.
  4. The Six Pack Myth
    Whether you’re a man or woman, we’d all love to have that solid six pack to show off when we’re at the pool right? Well, what most people don’t realize is that solid abs don’t start in the gym, they start in the kitchen. If your body contains a lot of fat, your abs won’t show no matter how much you exercise.

    Your first goal should be to lose that fat, and it starts with your diet. Decrease the amount of fat and calories you consume and increase the amount of protein. Protein is an absolute necessity for ridding fat and building muscle.
  5. The Running Myth
    Did you know that running does very little it fatten your stomach? This is because it can cause your pelvis to pull forward and arch your lower back.

How to get your abs stronger

Now that we know the myths, let’s talk about what we should do to get better ab strength. Note that getting your abs stronger does not mean that you’ll have a six pack.

Basic Crunches for Abs
With your feet flat on the floor, place your lower back on the ball, and your upper body and thighs parallel to the floor. Do crunches as usual, lifting only your shoulders and upper back off the ball and using your abs.

Standing Abs Exercises

If you are tired of getting on the hard floor to do crunches, pair of dumbbell or kettlebells and follow this standing abs workout routine.

Standing core stabilizer for flat tummy

Fitness balls for targeting ab muscles

In normal everyday activity and traditional exercise, larger muscles tend to do most of the work, so the smaller ones weaken from lack of use, she explains. However, when you do movements on the unstable surface of a ball, you strengthen those tiny, overlooked muscles through the micro-movements you make to stabilize yourself.

Getting the Right Fitness Ball
Fitness balls come in different sizes. The basic rule for choosing the correct size is that when you’re sitting on the ball, you should be able to easily balance with your feet on the ground. Your hips and knees should both be at right angles.

A girl performing a dumbbell press while using a stability ball

Caring For Your Fitness Ball
Before use, check the area for sharp objects that may puncture the ball. If possible, use a carpeted surface or exercise mat when using the ball. The ball is not intended for outdoor use as the risk of puncture is high. The ball should be inspected for gouges and deep scratches prior to use.

This is a simple, cheap way to get a little more use out of your exercise ball. The ability to add resistance bands (without safety being an issue) adds a whole new dynamic to how you use your exercise ball.

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. It is not medical advice and should not be used or interpreted as such. You should always consult a medical professional before making drastic changes to your diet and physical exercise

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[…] 8-14 repetitions per set. If the weight is too heavy for you to make it through 8 repetitions then lower the weight.Remember that proper form is the most important aspect to concentrate on as you gain strength. Make sure to move your body smoothly through all of the movements described above. Its important to maintain a healthy diet in order to see the good results. Read more in our article, 5 Myths About Getting Toned Abs and two exercises that actually do work […]

[…] Its important to maintain a healthy diet for best results. Read more from our article, 5 Myths About Getting Toned Abs and two exercises that actually do work […]

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